Vessels and tanks

We manufacture steel vessels, tanks, containers and bins.

Pursuant to the production documentation supplied by the customer, we manufacture non-pressure vessels, tanks, containers and bins for storage or transport of media of all kinds (water, oil, methanol etc.). According to the project documentation submitted, we always prepare an individual price calculation for the customer.

Vessels and tanks manufactured by us

We manufacture stable as well as mobile vessels, vertical and horizontal, closed and open, single- and double-jacketed, with one or more chambers.

The mobile vehicle tanks are manufactured with internal partitions and with a fixed or removable front design.

We manufacture and deliver non-pressure double-jacketed vessels for fuelling stations in the overground or underground design – the external jacket functions as an emergency collector.

Our vessels are most often used:

  • as storage rooms for liquid and loose media,
  • as parts of pneumatic, waterworks, hot-air systems, fuelling stations,
  • for food, pharmaceutical, power, chemical and petrochemical industry,
  • for agriculture or water service (vessels, tanks, storage reservoirs, basins, mobile vehicle superstructures, containers, hoppers, bins).

Production capacities of vessels and tanks

Our equipment and premises enable us to manufacture non-pressure vessels and tanks of these parameters (related to cylindrical design of the vessel):

  • maximum vessel volume: 45 m3
  • maximum vessel diameter: 2 200 mm
  • maximum total vessel length: 12 000 mm
  • maximum total vessel weight: 6000 kg
  • external jacket sheet thickness: 5 – 12 mm

By customer’s request, we offer to equip the tanks with accessories, such as:

holders, eyes, feet, ladders, ,walkways, manholes, wrappings, forged bosses, working and cleaning holes, necks, flanges, lids, technological pipes, fittings by request, level gauges, thermometers, filters, level indicators, sight glasses, flow meters, floats, built-ins, partitions, partition bottoms, heating or cooling bodies.


Why vessels and tanks from the HANAKOV company?

  1. Series and piece production.
  2. Welds made by welders with state certificates.
  3. We manufacture vessels for various kinds of stored or transported media.
  4. We provide for tightness tests of weld joints of the vessels manufactured.
  5. We provide for tests, surface treatment, equipment, transport …

Production quality of non-pressure vessels and tanks

  • Structural steel sheets or stainless steel sheets are used for production – we provide certificates (attestations) of the materials used, tightness test reports, measuring reports, etc.,
  • We are a certified manufacturer of steel structures in conformity with ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 with the production quality management system in conformity with EN 1090-1:2009,
  • We provide for tightness tests of weld joints of the vessels manufactured – by means of a vacuum chamber by the bubble method, capillary method or by ultrasonic check,
  • We execute surface treatment of internal surfaces of the chamber by the customer’s request (according to the media stored and storage environment of the vessel),
  • We execute final external surface treatment of vessels by grinding, stainless steel passivation, coating with ecological paints in our own paint shop – reliable anticorrosive measures and long life.