3D Metrological centre

3D Measuring

Metalworking precision is checked in the air-conditioned 3D measuring centre. We check the parts not only during testing (homologation parts), but also the required parts from the batch within series production.

3D part measurement is done on the latest generation of CNC portal measuring devices with coordinate control, Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM):

3D LK Integra 15.10.8

  • for parts with dimensions of 1500 x 1000 x 800 mm (axis X x Y x Z )
  • load capacity 1 720 kg

3D Nicon LK V 20.15.15

  • for parts with dimensions of 2000 x 1500 x 1500 mm (axis X x Y x Z )
  • load capacity 1 981 kg

The machines are provided withsoftware CAMIO, granite table. X and Y axes are driven and controlled DC motors with friction gears and control rods. The Y axis is driven by a steel band. Systems of movement Y and Z axes are made of ceramic tubes.

The machines are provided with Renishaw ruler with a resolution of 0.5 μ, which guarantee accurate determination of coordinates X, Y and Z touch with ± 2 ° C. All trolleys are made up of a system of precise air bearings, which are hovering above the surface.

Tool measuring

The vertical device ZOLLER VENTURION 600 / PILOT 3.0 is used for measuring and adjusting tools for CNC production away from the machine. The essence of the device is repeatedly prepare a tool so as to achieve the greatest possible accuracy and produced panel showed the required parameters of tolerance after machining by drawing or customer requirements.

The device is equipped with HEIDENHAIN tire BOSCH, THK leadership, Sony cameras and drives UHING.

All technical data  you can found in our catalog.